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Did you know?

  • Rates have gone up from 28% to 42% of homes have no father figure/male role model in the house
  • 450,000 run aways annually in the US,
  • 1 of 3 runaways are lured into prostitution
  • 68% of foster children have siblings, 30% can live together.
  • Foster children age out of the system at 19 and have very little support after this.
  • Up to 60% of children in foster care have experienced homelessness
  • 70% of inmates were foster children at one time.

Abba Services is a Christian-based ministry support organization in Central Florida.   Our goal is to provide fun activities that bring the family together while raising money for ministries.  We are here to train Christians worldwide through events such as camping, mock mission trips, youth centers, and many other ways.  Abba Services also organizes events and fundraisers to help various non-profit organizations.

We work with volunteer groups wanting to make a difference in the world. Our primary focus for outreach is to develop homes for recently homeless, (not due to substance abuse) foster families, aged-out foster children, single moms, and runaways – with support for various animal shelters, wild mustang shelters, military persons, churches and youth organizations.  We also provide support for camps/retreat locations such as Omega Ranch to maximize outreach and increase revenues for sustainability.

Abba Services is funded through real estate and also by hosting events.  We want to be sure any of our services are affordable and will work with anyone on cost – providing services for anyone in need.