A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place:
A Charitable Camp/Children’s Home that does not need government funding.

Our dream for part of Omega Ranch is called A Quiet Place.  This will be  a Christ-Centered Charitable Camp focusing on agriculture, environment, mentoring and outdoor recreational activities.  It would include a camp to support inner city youth, aged out foster care youth, autistic children, runaways and recently homeless (not due to addictions). Our primary funding will come from agricultural and recreational activities without all the red tape – for quick action. With our 1,200 acres and 5 miles of property we can provide the buffers needed for certain types of activities and ministries to protect the children. The plan is to develop various PODS: clusters of small homes around activities that are run by the families and the children on site.

We can combine all of the following activities that already make serious money independently in Florida into one business that is run for the children and other outreach ministries.

A Quiet PlaceCamping/Cabins: Local campgrounds from the main events tied to Daytona. We could do the same and add in our own major events to increase the season; anyone with heart would come here first.

Farm animals and Petting Zoo: Raising farm animals for food and a petting Zoo allows us to serve the general customers already coming to the ranch and target school field trips and exposure.

Nurseries: These already make money, but if it is a 501(c)(3), plants may be donated from other nurseries or suppliers and people would go out of their way to buy here. A charity facility in Georgia makes over $25,000 per month doing this.

Concessions: A small air-conditioned dining area with a larger outside covered/screened in area and an additional outside deck along a pond that allows for overflow and event seating. All would be filled with plants and herbs grown by the youth to sell.

Fishing: A small pond can bubble over with hungry fish that are waiting for our guests to catch, filet and grill them on the spot. This would all be run by retirees/mentors. They will multiply very fast if the children feed them daily with fish feeders or old bread, etc. When we are open and want the guests to catch them, we simply don’t feed them that day. This makes for a beautiful and inspiring view for our diners.

All this would be centered around and support various Children’s and Young Adult Homes that help to maintain the ranch while learning and reaching out. The facility would provide jobs and training that can benefit a percentage of special needs and aged out foster children as many learn job skills in animal husbandry, food services, tourism, farming, landscaping, accounting, fishing and more. They would have an incredible resume that would allow them to work and provide for themselves. The Bible says people without a vision perish and a broken spirit is like a city with no walls. These children would have dreams and hope as they are raised and loved by couples in the true love of the Lord.

We have the land and would like to work together to gather the funding mostly through events for materials and other necessary items and later though Volunteers to build the facilities. We need your help in rallying the troops to see this dream become a reality.

This can be a wonderful example of what a community can do when they come together for outreach. All activities would be designed beyond ADA requirements for those with special needs.

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