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Mud Run Group
Abba Services has many opportunities for you to participate in an outdoor activity that will build your faith, help you reach others, raise funds, or provide an exciting and educational time together!

Extreme Mud Runs
Join us for a 1 or 3 mile run through obstacles and mud in the country/around lakes with several other potential activities.  We currently are affiliated with Xtreme Mud Warrior and Zombie Insanity.

This event is ideal for larger groups like churches, schools, universities, fitness clubs, etc.  Contact us today to setup a run for your organization!

An Extreme Buddy Mud Run
These are the same as the Extreme Mud Runs except we pair off kids, adults, friends, or husband and wives to work together to compete.  This race can involve mountain bikes with one person running and the other riding, switching at each obstacle, and the run can also be much longer (up to 8 miles), if desired.  This is a GREAT activity for building unity in your group!


Can include up to an 8 mile run, an 11 mile mountain bike ride and up to a 2 mile swim. Popular with schools and athletic groups.

Extreme Triathlon, the same as a normal Triathlon but much tougher with mud and serious obstacles.


Concerts and festivals. We can help you organize a festival at your site or at several ranches or camps with stages, activities such as bounce houses, petting zoos, canoeing, fishing, archery, spear/tomahawk/knife  throwing, mud pits, (field mud sports like kickball, soccer, volleyball, Frisbee football, flag football and more), archery, disk golf, relay races, camping and more


Horseback riding and camping, Some ranches  allow primitive camping with your horse


ATV Mud pit, trail riding and camping, you can do one or all on several ranches


Family outings and camping, enjoy camping and other amenities at several camp grounds that can make your camping experience easy and successful in bringing your family together and touching young lives for Christ around the camp fire


Adventure camps, we can provide incredible adventure camps from very basic to extreme, from camping, basic survival training to extreme survival training, to missionary training. We can have a glimpse of God to in depth training of the Levitical law, sacrifices and burnt offering meals, types of Christ, the crucifixion, resurrection and evidence that demands  verdict to avoid an eternal ambush.


Father son Events, this can be simple camping with the use of fishing, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking and ATV trails, hunting (small game, deer, guided hog hunts and more), classes on knots, snares, traps, knife/tomahawk/spear making and throwing lessons, survival/GPS/Compass training, scavenger and treasure hunts (theses can take you through the romans road, etc. in the bible)


Hunting Events, we have access to great guided hog hunts starting at $100, rabbits, squirrel, other small game, deer, turkey and more with a full gun range. Your event can include survival training, how to dress/clean your kill and prepare a good meal, canning to a Hawaiian luau with camping, cabins and RV’s. This can also be tied to bible classes and walks designed to draw the participants to Christ or strengthen their faith and walk.


Man up Retreats, all kids of tough guy stuff, such as beast feast, mud runs, ATV events, obstacle courses, team building, hunting, classes on knots, snares, traps, knife/tomahawk/spear making and throwing lessons, survival/GPS/Compass training, scavenger and treasure hunts (theses can take you through the romans road, etc. in the bible) how to dress/clean your kill and prepare a good meal, canning to a Hawaiian luau with camping, cabins and RV’s.


Beast feasts, this can include camping, RV’s, Cabins or hunting or it can simply be an exotic feast of wild game, grass finished or organically fed dove, quail, pheasant, geese, Emu, squirrel, rabbits, deer, Elk, moose, hog, snake, raccoon, armadillo, chicken, turtle, duck, beef to several other meats that can be hunted on site or meats from various companies to give you a unique meal.


Couples retreats, this can be very simple, basic and natural providing  a quiet time to rejuvenate for one day or overnight to survival or team building games. Canning classes, etc.


Hawaiian Luaus, a smoked meal with all the fixin’s made in a pit wrapped in banana leaves, or cooked on a spit over a fire. This usually starts early evening and goes into a campfire time, great for couples with a praise and worship time as a fund raiser for missions charged by the plate.


Reenactments, relive or act out future or historical events designed to make you think and themed around God such as God planted 5 seeds-Missionary Training, the Rapture (left behind), American revolution, Civil War, World war II, the great depression. This can be done at one of the ranches with all kinds of props like forts, artillery canons, fake villages and can include missionary/Evangelism/Survival/Deployment/First responders training, team building, meals fun, camping, cabins, RVs and much more


Renaissance Event, None of the hocus pocus or evil stuff, you got to be kidding! Weren’t there any Christians around back then? Let’s do events that build up the family unit. Show the truth. God has always been alive and well and working in His people. Families like to dress up and have fun. Let them do it in a renaissance environment.


Christian Fantasy Festivals, the world has fantasy festivals where people dress up like elves, fairies and more. People like to dress up. You can host a Christian festival for people to dress as bible characters, (no scary demons, for the kids) with contests, food, games and more


Autumn Fest, this can range from a Thanksgiving type of event with food, treats, games, music, petting zoo, etc. with the dress of the old time pilgrims to a Halloween type of event with no evil outfits but dressing as normal historical characters or bible characters with a trunk or treat walk and a scary bible walk through the woods.


Spring fest, music, fun, vendors, turkey shoot, games (disc golf, sports like Frisbee or fag football, Kickball, soccer, volleyball with or without mud, mud pits for tug of war, cable crossing and more). Bring your favorite pets to show off.


Guns, Archery, Tower and Turkey Shoots, most of the ranches have places to do some plinking or a target range, some have a full gun range like www.omegaranch.com archery areas, towers for tower shoots (a towers built to release live pheasants for hunters to compete shooting) and can usually hold a turkey shoot competition to shoot targets to win a turkey or other prize.


Missionary, Disaster Relief and First responders Training, we have some and will build more Hollywood sets to simulate a village in need. You can deploy by canoe, work on the buildings, help the people and train on how to present the Gospel of Christ, a few basic techniques for safety, survival, water purification and systems, sanitation, primitive food handling, medical, psychological training and much more. This can be a few hours to several days


Environmental Training and Living Off the Grid, learn about how to protect your environment, leaving little or no footprint, what to eat and not eat in the wild, dangerous plants, snakes and critters, invasive species of plants to avoid. A few hours to overnight or for days


Organic practice, farming and animal husbandry, we have professionals that can teach you with real life gardens and animals on how to raise crops with natural ways to handle the pests and fertilize. Also how to raise and take care of various farm animals, all phases of animal husbandry and nutrition, how to clean the meats, wild or farm raised. You can earn Old American tricks that were used by our settlers such as giving watermelon seeds to chickens to lay more eggs


Survival training, how to live off the land, what to eat, not eat, alternative water sources from plants, water purification, how to clean and prepare wild animals, survival medical techniques, natural remedies, how to make candles, churn butter, ice cream, gun powder, load ammo, blacksmithing, can foods, camouflage techniques, how to build, make and use a shelter, blinds, lean-to, drinking water traps, compass, knives, traps, snares, tomahawks, spears and much more.


Corporate team building, bring your team out for training to learn strengths weaknesses and how to work together as the body of Christ to reach your  goals through our various challenge courses.


Races, from Lawn mower, home made bathtubs/sale boats, RC sale boats, obstacle course for RC speed boats, RC ATV mud pit, RC Monster Trucks, to decorated canoes and much more


Fishing tournaments, you can host  this at several of the ranches have fish feeders that can be turned off a few days before a fishing event to make a simple tournament a blast for all involved as we teach the kids about being fishers of men


Dove, Quail and other bird hunts, our ranches have dove fields, great areas for quail hunts, duck ponds, Osceola turkey and much more

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